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It’s All About Lighting


  • Your lighting can give you a completed look. . .

Great Lighting

Dining room lighting

image source | jhinteriordesign

  • Who says you can’t add modern lighting fixtures in an older home. No better way to update a dining room than to simply add a great chandelier to cherish your lighting.

Dining room lighting-2

image source | jhinteriordesign

  • Add this fixture to a natural wood and stone wall dining area to give it a balance effect in this room of textile patterns.

Contemporary chandelier lighting

image source | jhinteriordesign

  • Wouldn’t this dinette fixture call attention to visitors. It would defiantly at to the gold accents in any kitchen.
Can lighting ideas
  • So when it is all about lighting you can certainly add any shape of fixtures you adore. These ceiling lights are installed with dimmers as well as the rope lighting in the beveled ceiling. Adding rope light to the bookcases will also light up your accents that you cherish and add a focus wall.



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