Inspiring Bedrooms

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Bedrooms – are great and you can get inspired to change yours! But only if they are cozy.  You can create an amazing bedroom by adding some detail to your room.

Pillowsgold stylish pillows       Modern Vibrant Gold Foil Print

         Not just for sleeping, pillows can be versatile decorative accessories. For your new  inspired bedroom, a pile of decorative throw pillows can be assembled on your bed to add a touch of abundance and comfort. Be sure to use throw pillows that have a color or texture that complement the overall theme of your bedroom. Additionally, throw pillows are often used as home decor accessories in the living room. Throw pillows can be propped up on sofas and lounges to add a splash of color or act as an anchor to multiple living room themes.                                                                                 Pouf Ottomans posh fabric ottoman

Chevron Pouf– Hand Woven Traditional Styling

There are so many multi-use decorative accessories on the market. A pouf ottoman is one such accessory that can be added to virtually any room in your home. A pouf ottoman can be added to your living room as a decorative table beside the sofa or as a footrest for anyone sitting on your sofa. This type of ottoman can also be used in your bathroom as a small stand for toilet paper, towels, or washcloths. In your bedroom, a pouf ottoman can be used as a seat for guests or a footrest if you like to sit on the edge of your bed. It can even be added to your bedroom as a decorative piece with no practical uses other than its unique color and texture. One thing to keep in mind regarding pouf ottomans is that they typically don’t open to provide you with hidden storage space.


Unique office lamp

Bell Shaped Desk Lamp Bronze

Every home needs an abundance of light. While many people strive to enjoy as much natural light as they can throughout the day, lamps are the primary source of light once night falls. Luckily, lamps can also be used as stylish home decor accessories. Lamps in your bedroom should have a compact, sleek design that is perfect for resting on a desk, dresser, or bedside table. Consider purchasing lamps that have different levels of brightness to cater to your specific needs. Living rooms are large enough to host tall, slender lamps with bright bulbs and stylish lamp shades. Decorating with lamps requires a combination of placement and color. You don’t want the background of your room to overpower the subtle accentuation of the lamp while allowing the light from the lamp to fully blossom without being smothered. This is a tricky balance to achieve but not impossible. 


Designer Sheets 

Believe it or not, your bed is actually considered part of your inspiring bedroom decorations. At the very least, your bed contributes to your theme and the accompanying decorations. If your bed sheets don’t match the texture and/or colors of your bedroom theme, it makes your bedroom look messy and disjointed. This can upset the natural harmony and balance of your bedroom. To promote a harmonious energy in your bedroom, invest in a set of designer sheets that match the color of your bedroom theme. You should also purchase a matching comforter and bed skirt as added home deco for your bedroom. Designer sheets don’t have to be relegated to only your bedroom. Many clever do-it-yourself interior designers use sheets as a form of temporary upholstery for sofas and chairs. 

designer sheetsEgyptian Cotton Sateen Hemstitch Sheet Set


Black & Gold Comforter

These lightweight, warm Comforters induce sweet, sweet sleep – and take your bedding to the next level. Designs are printed onto the super-soft material for brilliant images and a dreamy, premium feel.


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