How to Decorate with Mirrors


 Litton Lane Wall Mirror

Mirrors can be added to your décor and enlighten a room depending on where you place it.  A large mirror can be put in a small room that can add depth to the room to make it appear more spacious while decorating with mirrors. You want to place them so that they will reflect a certain object that you cherish or across from a great piece of art. You don’t want to  place it where you will be able to see a clutter area of your home.


 Aspire Home Accents

They can add light to a room and make a space feel more open. With so many shapes and sizes out there, finding the right mirror to hang can enhance your décor. Don’t be afraid to go with unique looking mirrors, for they can add a statement and a focal point.


Stratton Home Decor Andrea Wall Mirror

And don’t forget about mirrored furniture. I just love mirrored coffee tables, end tables, and credenzas. They make a great statement piece.


 Nysa Mirrored and Faux Crystals Consale Table

This mirrored table is great for foyer and everyone will be complementing you on it.


Silver Mirrored 3-Drawer Side Table

And what could be more glamorous than to decorate with mirrors using this sleek modern table. Add one to each side of your bed and your bedroom will look gorgeous.

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