Decorative Area rugs

Decorative Area Rugs

Decorating with area rugs can make a room brighter and incorporate all of the elements of the room together. When shopping for a rug you will want to consider color, texture and size.

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  1. Let’s take a look at the color that you will choose. Take a look around the space you want to put your area rug and then take into consideration of the colors in the room. Staying with a neutral colors will simplify your choice if you already have bold, printed fabrics in your furniture. But if you have neutral furniture, then bold is the way to go, not just in the color, but also in the print of the area rug. black-area-rugs


2. Texture is another choice you will have to make. You will want to add contrast to your room when adding an area rug. Choosing a rug that is plush will give you depth in a room and would look great if your furniture consists of smooth leather or upholstery. If your couch or chairs have a heavy texture to them, look for rugs that have a low pile to them.


3. The size of your area rug can make a difference. You want to make sure that a living room rug is large enough to be able to arrange your sofa and chairs so that at least the front legs sit on the rug. You will want to consider the orientation of the area you will be putting it in, such as making sure that a square rug will fit in a square room, but also a round rug would also look great.

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Keeping these concepts in mind when you are shopping will make it a lot easier to find yourself planning on the best area rug for your living space. Click here to see some of my favorites!

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