Outdoor Oasis

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

When it comes to needing a place to relax, you can create your own backyard oasis. Your design options can be endless and can be a place to retreat at the end of a long day. You can also use your patio to entertain, enjoy a meal or simply relax in the beautiful summer months.

Backyard Oasis

Starting your design for your patio depends on how you want to use it. Start with some great outdoors furniture. Imagine that you are creating an indoors space (but of coarse you will want waterproof furniture) and think about how you would arrange it. Maybe a love seat and a couple of chairs. Write down things that you want in your space and will use for entertaining or just relaxing and reading a good book.


Outdoor sofas     
Outdoor Rockers
Teak Furniture









To maximize features on your patio, add some color with flowers and plants. Consider heights, color and areas where you will place your plants. If privacy is an issue, you can place the higher arranged ones to block out a neighbors view. Also consider the containers you will use. There are several options of vases and pots that can add to creating your backyard oasis.

Backyard Flowers


Decide on the look you want to achieve. Will you be entertaining or simply relaxing? This will give you and idea on how to place your furniture and use your space rather it is a large area or small. If your not looking to purchase a large coordinating set right at this time, find small pieces and combine them to make a more casual space. Mixing and matching these pieces can add more interest and give you the look you want to achieve. Combining some storage pieces can also help, such as storage benches and small end table with storage.

Small patio furniture

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Pergolas, umbrellas or trellises can add some shade to your backyard oasis. So just pop up your table umbrella and enjoy a nice breeze while entertaining around the table.

Patio UmbrellasPatio UmbrellasPergolas

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Adding a touch of color to your chair cushions can certainly brighten up your space and add comfort. Be sure to choose a UV protective fabric, and don’t forget that you probably will have to store them through the winter, so you will want to thing about a space for them.outdoor cushions

Creating your backyard oasis can be rewarding and give you an enjoyable summer that can be cherished for years to come. Designing your outdoor living space can bring family fun, give you the peaceful joy and the enjoyment that you created it yourself.

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