Choosing a Sofa

When it comes to choosing a sofa, we want it to not only look good, but be comfortable too. Creating a welcoming environment for guest and yourself to spend time in, so you can cherish it for years.

 Ellsworth Neutral Tufted Sofa 84"

Finding the right spot for your sofa will require some measuring and making sure you have space for walking around. Also you may take note of windows or doorways so you can find the perfect place to put your new sofa. Also consider the size of your room. Do you need a smaller scale piece or have plenty of space?

 Nuzio Sofa

A sectional sofa will feel right at home in a large room, when choosing your sofa and can be enjoyed when entertaining or if you have a large family. It can make a great conversation area or simply a comfy stop to curl up and watch TV.

 Galvin Three-Piece Sectional Sofa 170" Durability is another aspect that you can look for when choosing a sofa. A great leather couch will last and you can simply wipe it clean. Also look for stain resistant fabrics when considering your sofa. Both options will be long lasting and easy to maintain.

 Davidson 119" Four-Cushion Chesterfield Sofa

Make your home an expression of you. Looking at what you love is the most important thing you can do when choosing the right sofa. Choose furniture that is your sense of touch and style, be it lived-in or luxe, make it  your own and updating the look is as easy as a colorful throw or pillow.

 Davidson 94" Slab Seat Chesterfield Sofa

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